How to Choose the Right VPN
How to Choose the Right VPN
09/09/2016 VPN
If you are an Internet activist, an advocate for freedom or conduct any other online activities that could get you in trouble, you need to use a VPN service to stay safe. You might also want to use a Read More

An open standard for decentralized real-time communications. Can be used for messaging, VOIP, internet of things or anywhere an HTTP API is needed. Includes the option for client apps to integrate end-to-end encryption.

Network hardware for encrypting voice, fax and data for transmission over analog and digital landline networks and satellite links.

A modern SSH server for remotely accessing clusters of Linux servers via SSH or HTTPS. It is intended to be used instead of sshd. It enables teams to easily adopt the best SSH practices.

A web performance and security company that provides online services to protect and accelerate websites online. Encryption includes TLS 1.3, automatic HTTPS rewrites, and opportunistic encryption.

An open source key manager. Handles leasing, key revocation, key rolling, and auditing. Through a unified API, users can access an encrypted Key/Value store and network encryption-as-a-service, or generate AWS IAM/STS credentials, SQL/NoSQL databases, X.509 certificates and SSH credentials.

Browser extension that encrypts traffic between websites. Works with FireFox, Chrome and Opera. A collaboration between The Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Open source security products and services for the enterprise. Includes VPN gateways and firewalls.

Hardware managed file sharing for business and enterprise.

A distributed relational database which uses SQLite as its storage engine. It now includes node-to-node encryption.

A network hardware device that encrypts all data and meta-data between other TrutzBox users. In addition it can be used to access the internet similar to using a VPN except the user is running it locally. All encryption keys are created on the TrutzBox. Features on board mail server for communicating with other TrutzBox users.

BeyondCorp is a Zero Trust security framework used by Google that moves access controls from the perimeter to individual devices and users allowing employees to work securely from any location without the need for a traditional VPN.