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GateKeeper is a Bluetooth 4.0 hardware key used to authenticate access to PC’s. Communicates with PC via a USB Lock which needs to be inserted in the PC USB port. Windows only.


Network authentication middleware for enterprise. Works with Smart Cards from any vendor as well as USB and virtual implementations.


SecureLogin is a decentralized authentication protocol for websites and apps. It is an all-in-one solution that creates a cryptographic private key from your email and master password to sign in every

Krypton Authenticator

Two factor authentication. Works with Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, Stripe and more. Uses FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol.

Dyadic vHSM

Network security for enterprise. Features key management and advanced authentication.


An authentication protocol allowing users to access sites, prove ownership and manage their identity across many sites and devices without using a password.

Librem Key

The Librem Key features a tamper-resistant OpenPGP smart card that can store up to 4096-bit RSA keys and up to 512-bit ECC keys and can even securely generate them directly on the device. Private keys

Gieseke & Devrient

A company that offers a selection of very diverse security products for government and enterprise.


A Secure Identity Platform. Civic is an identity management service that allows you to protect and authorize the use of your identity in real-time. Civic uses a verified identity for multi-factor auth

HashiCorp Vault

HashiCorp Vault secures, stores, and controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates and encryption keys. HashiCorp Vault provides encryption as a service with centralized key management to simplif

Certificate Less Authenticated Encryption (CLAE)

A schema that adds authentication to Identity Based Encryption (IBE). Claims advantages are adding authenticity and confidentiality to every message, simplifies key management and end-to-end security

Soft U2F

An open source software U2F authenticator. It emulates a HID device such as a USB drive. Soft U2F performs cryptographic operations using the OS X Keychain. It works with Google Chrome and Opera’