Nuts and Bolts of Encryption: A Primer for Policymakers

A very good introduction to encryption.

Awesome Crypto Papers

A Self-Study Course in Cryptanalysis
by renowned security technologist Bruce Schneier

Modern Crypto
Forums for discussing modern cryptography

General Privacy:

SSD Self-Encryption Weaknesses Found

Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and ICOs explained

Tips for maintaining privacy online
Although written for developers there is good information here.

Going Dark
Online privacy and anonymity for normal people

Diceware Passphrase
The new standard in strong, easy to remember passphrases

UCSD Study and Suggestion to Use ATA Secure Erase
Testing Apple’s Disk Utility
Apple’s Advice on SSD’s
EFF on Securely Deleting Data in Mac OS X
Securely wiping the hard drive on your computer used to be easy with many many available utilities. But now with SSD’s (Solid State Drive) it’s not so easy to be sure all your data is unrecoverable. Listed here are several article’s addressing the issue.

Firefox Configuration for Privacy Freaks


Messaging Scorecard


What ISPs Can See

That One Privacy Guy
A comprehensive overview of VPN providers.

What to look for when chosing a VPN

DNS Leak Test
Does your VPN run their own DNS servers? You can find out here.

One-Time Pad

Comprehensive Guide on the One-Time Pad