Operating System

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AnonymOS USB

Secure Linux-based operating system on a USB drive. All traffic goes through Privoxy then either the Tor or I2P network. Even DNS requests go through Tor. 16 GB or 32 GB.


A toolbox platform for securing the online presence, web browsing and communications. It runs from a read-only file system within a secure Linux operating environment bootable from a USB flash drive,


A secure open source, Unix-like operating system. Installs in Secure by Default mode and includes the use of cryptography in several areas of the operating system.

Subgraph OS

Operating system that by default routes all internet communications through Tor and requires use of an encrypted file system. Metaproxy handles Tor routing without having to adjust proxy settings for


A secure live operating system. All communications are routed through Tor and includes encryption tools for files, emails and messaging. Installs and boots from DVD, USB stick, or SD card. Snowden app


A secure by default operating system which runs inside virtual machines on top of existing operating system. This negates the need to boot entire PC or reboot off external device like a USB stick. Jus


SecBSD is an UNIX-like operating system focused on computer security based on OpenBSD. Designed for security testing, hacking and vulnerability assessment, it uses full disk encryption and ProtonVPN +