How to Use

Use the appropriate search fields on the left side of the page. Use none, one or all. Using no search criteria will display the entire database letting you know the total count.

NEW! We just added “Additional Search Criteria” Use the 2 fields to add additional info not available in the other fields. For example, to find all messaging apps that are peer to peer AND have voice, choose “Messaging” in the first search field and type peer to peer in Criteria 1 and Voice in Criteria 2. Using the search fields above will narrow your search even further.

Inserting voice, self-destruct or XMPP in the last 2 search fields will return a different set of listings which contain those features. To narrow the search choose any of the other fields according to your needs. To view examples of tags used look at the bottom of the listing details. Use of any of these tags in the last 2 search fields to find all products with those attributes.

To locate a specific product by name use Criteria #1.

Special Note: Criteria #1 searches Tags only. Criteria #2 uses indexed search criteria. Searching the same term in each field will return a different set.

Encryption is to be assumed. There may be some products that you expect to be here but are not listed. That’s either because they don’t use encryption or no reference to encryption as a feature could be found on their site. If you are a developer of just such an app please contact us.

If you have any requests for how to improve the search function please contact us and be as specific as possible.