How to Choose the Right VPN

09/09/2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ VPN

If you are an Internet activist, an advocate for freedom or conduct any other online activities that could get you in trouble, you need to use a VPN service to stay safe. You might also want to use a VPN to protect sensitive data you need to share with employees or business partners or to safely connect to the Internet when using a public hotspot. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, will allow you to connect to the Internet via a different IP address. This makes your activities very difficult to trace back to you. You need to choose the right VPN service if you need to have access to a safer and more private connection.

1. Look for A VPN Service Outside of Your Country’s Jurisdiction

If your opinions or activities could get you in trouble with your country, your best option is to go online via a VPN service that has its headquarters in a different country. Laws are very different around the globe and there are several countries that do not have any regulations regarding online activities. Look for a VPN service located in a country where online activities are not regulated.

2. Look for A Service That Provides You with at least Two Simultaneous Connections

Do not make the mistake of giving up your location with your Smartphone. Authorities could track you and figure out your identity if you post something on social media via a VPN and use your Smartphone connected to your real IP address to access this same social media account. You can remain safe by using a VPN service that provides you with two simultaneous connections or with more if you need to have several devices online at the same time. Two simultaneous connections should be enough since you will be able to establish a secure private connection with your computer and with your phone.

3. Choose A VPN That Provides You with Several Servers

The best VPN services have multiple servers around the globe and give you the possibility to choose where you want to connect from. You can always use a different server to make your activities more difficult to trace. Servers located in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S. can be useful if you want to use online services restricted to these countries, such as movie and music streaming services. However, these countries monitor online activities and you need to choose a VPN service that gives you the possibility to connect to servers located in other countries if you want to remain safe.

4. OpenVPN Connections Are Important

OpenVPN connections allow you to create a secure and private connection with a network or with another user. Encryption keys, certificates or log ins are used to establish these connections. This is the safest way to share sensitive data and to connect with other users. Look for a VPN service that offers this feature if you need to share sensitive data.

Compare different VPN services page. and look for a company that offers all the features you need to have access to. Find out where their headquarters are located, which servers you will have access to and choose a reliable service.